Transportation Transformed With Rugged Mobility Solutions

The transportation industry – from aviation to automotive – is one of the most critical industries that require seamless connectivity and real-time data for precision, operational efficiency and productivity. Operating in a wide range of unique work environments, transportation workers need reliable, durable and high-performance mobile solutions to analyze data from machines and vehicles, complete repairs and perform maintenance.

Aviation: Meeting the Needs for Technology Innovation

Aviation is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the US, and aerospace manufacturers are fully aware that they must not only be reliable, they must also operate under the highest safety standards. To deliver that promise, aerospace manufacturers need dependable mobile computing solutions to improve the aircraft manufacturing process and find new ways to innovate and stay competitive even during challenging times.

Panasonic’s TOUGHBOOK tablets provide for improved documentation by limiting pen and paper to track activities and allowing aerospace manufacturers to streamline the data collection process. The tablets also provide operations and maintenance crew with solutions that support long operational hours and endure harsh outdoor environments.

Connectivity and access to data are critical as operation crew’s day-to-day activity involves long-hour shifts and long-distance walkthroughs. TOUGHBOOK tablets simplify the physical data entry process with an ergonomic design that improves worker efficiency and productivity.

When undergoing aircraft management and inspection, TOUGHBOOK tablets stand out against consumer-grade devices with their daylight readability, anti-glare technology and rugged design. The TOUGHBOOK tablets allow workers to focus on the complex work of aerospace manufacturing and maintenance, improving decision-making across different departments and helping ensure compliance with industry standards.


Automotive: Enhancing Customer Experience

Gone are the days when physical ledgers were used in the automotive industry for maintenance, repair and data collection. Today, the industry relies heavily on mobile solutions to keep technicians connected, allowing them to digitally capture critical vehicle data in real time for informed decision-making.

Reliance on mobile computing technology on the go has driven increased demand for durable solutions that can withstand harsh operating conditions – from bumps to vibrations.

Consumer-grade mobile solutions are simply not up to the task – their fragility delays technicians’ work that directly impacts customer experience. Interoperability challenges may also arise when running enterprise software in consumer-grade devices.

With Panasonic’s rugged enterprise-grade mobile solutions, automotive technicians can stay connected to troubleshoot, run diagnostic software that connects directly to in-vehicle systems and identify problems or items to proactively address car performance issues.

While rugged laptops often have a higher initial investment than standard consumer-grade products, they provide better value in the long run with lower failure rates, improving the total cost of ownership. Additionally, the Panasonic ProServices team works closely with automotive companies after the deployment phase to ensure the software needed is seamlessly integrated and provides the right level of support to address the customers’ needs.


Motorcycle Diagnostics

TOUGHBOOK solutions not only provide increased efficiency for automakers, they are also a trusted tool for motorcycle engineers. Leveraging a TOUGHBOOK mobile device and Panasonic’s customized technician kit, engineers can efficiently diagnose issues on motorcycles, allowing them to update parts, improve security and download and update calibrations to the bike.

Purpose-built to withstand drops, vibrations, oil, grease, fluids and dust, TOUGHBOOK mobile devices allow technicians to focus their time and energy on what truly matters – their customers.


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