Strong Vendor Relationships are Key to Customer Satisfaction

It may not come as much of a surprise that performance and functionality are the two most important features for organizations choosing mobile devices for front-line mobile workers—workers who need access to customer or asset data in real time. But what comes next may be surprising—that companies rank technical support and customer service above price.

This is just one of the findings in a new report, Customer Service and Client Engagement: How Strong Vendor Relationships Drive Customer Satisfaction. The report, written by VDC Research, analyzed first-line mobile customer satisfaction from more than 800 mobile technology decision-makers across different industries and geographies.

According to the survey, user satisfaction is based on many factors. Chief among them are remote management and support, reliable devices, good wireless coverage, and dependable application performance.

In the reliability realm, one of the biggest decisions companies have to make is about how rugged they need their mobile devices to be. The research concludes that often, choosing non-rugged devices for front-line workers can lead to higher overall costs over the devices’ lifecycle and greater frustration and dissatisfaction among workers.

That brings us back to technical support and customer service—ranked highest, above price. In the technical support arena, important factors include remote control and solution visibility, a broad accessory ecosystem, configurability and lifecycle support. In the customer service arena, it’s about understanding customer requirements providing the services to address those needs. One example is Panasonic’s pre-deployment consulting and solution design services, along with with its post-deployment professional services.

The report concludes by noting that successful mobility issues require not only coordination among the network, security, device, application and budgetary teams, but actually including end users in the testing and validation stages.

Read the full report here.

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