Panasonic TOUGHBOOK Enhances Morganton Department of Public Safety Officer Capabilities

The Morganton Department of Public Safety is a city initiative dedicated to providing safety and security to all community members through professional law enforcement and fire protection services. Since the late 1970s, the city of Morganton, NC has employed a unique public safety model for community safety, noted for its diverse capabilities. All active officers serve across fire safety and law enforcement, and manage numerous duties utilizing software applications such as CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch), automatic vehicle location (AVL), and record management systems (RMS).

Over the past ten years, the Morganton Department of Public Safety has worked closely with Panasonic and its valued partner, GovDirect, implementing Panasonic body-worn cameras and the TOUGHPAD FZ-G1 tablet. As the city looked to upgrade existing technology, it needed a comprehensive solution able to support the diverse responsibilities of its public safety officers.

Rugged Solutions Boost Efficiency
Before switching to updated Panasonic solutions, the department used both tablets and laptops to meet officers’ needs. Morganton Department of Public Safety chose the TOUGHBOOK 33, a fully-rugged 2-in-1, for its high-performance functionality and dual use as a laptop and tablet, which allows the officers to easily transition the device between different tasks and duties. The department has also deployed several TOUGHBOOK 53 laptops to support the needs of select police officers and administrative staff.

In addition to deploying TOUGHBOOK devices, Morganton selected Panasonic’s Public Sector Service Package, which ensures customers receive premier Panasonic support from deployment to warranty and repairs, all the way through end-of-life of the devices. With these deployments, the department was able to downsize the number of devices utilized by its officers while investing in trusted support.

Keeping Communities Safe With Updated in-Field Technology

The Morganton Department of Public Safety has deployed 21 TOUGHBOOK 33 devices in patrol cars paired with docking stations to ensure each device is powered and continuously ready for public safety needs. The department streamlined its in-field technology from both a laptop and tablet per officer to one 2-in-1 that provides software capabilities for duties across the department. Thanks to updated Panasonic solutions, the Morganton Department of Public Safety can now provide their public safety officers with the devices they need to protect their community.

For more information on Morganton Department of Public Safety’s deployment of Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices, download the full case study here.