Optimized Police Computers For Modern, Mobile Departments

For law enforcement officers, a police laptop, handheld computer or tablet isn’t just another device: it’s a hub for mission-critical information. With mobile police technology in place — as well as the right software to support workflows — agencies can enhance officer safety, improve situational awareness and streamline communications. When it comes to selecting the right type of mobile device, each one poses unique benefits and solutions to the challenges officers face on a day-to-day basis.

Get Faster Access to Data with Data-Enabled Handheld Police Computers

In a squad car or at the scene of an accident, connectivity is crucial. Officers need immediate access to criminal records, warrants, vehicle information and call history to effectively respond to a situation. Using handhelds to wirelessly access databases, officers can retrieve pertinent information in real time while en route or on scene. This smart mobility also helps reduce time spent on labor-intensive, follow-up paperwork after an incident.

A police officer leverages police technology when pulling over a diver.

Issuing tickets and traffic citations on pen and paper can also be time-consuming, and leaves room for human error. But a built-in barcode reader digitizes and streamlines these processes. Police computers with long battery life also ensures that officers can continue their shift without worrying about connecting to a charger.

View Live Drone Feeds and Integrated Thermal Imaging on a Rugged Tablet

When searching for missing persons or persons of interest, it can be difficult to cover enough ground with your resources at hand. To augment the officer resources available, many law enforcement agencies are turning to all-new police technologies.

For example, some are deploying Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology to gather aerial images of situations, capture photos of traffic accidents for documenting purposes and search for missing persons or suspects, by scanning for body heat signatures with integrated thermal imaging technology. To control these UAVs, officers use portable and durable rugged tablets.

Modular Police Laptops Mean Custom Tech for the Job

In law enforcement, your job is unlike many others, so having a laptop that is customizable, boosts safety and enhances situational awareness is critical.

With the TOUGHBOOK 55, users can swap out different tools and upgrade certain features so that if one day you need more storage for video evidence, and the next day a fingerprint reader is needed for multi-factor authentication of access to a shared device, the officer can make those changes in a matter of seconds without having to switch to a completely different computer. With expansion packs, also known as xPAKs, officers can switch up the TOUGHBOOK 55’s customizable areas based on the needs of any given moment. Expansion pack offerings that are particularly useful for officers include fingerprint readers for added security, dedicated graphics for enhanced performance and a second storage drive.

Speed Up Data Entry with Voice Technology

With a voice-to-text solution, law enforcement agencies can more efficiently complete incident reports and spend more time serving the community. Industry-leading voice-to-text software has been a game changer, allowing officers to dictate their reports into a microphone or input voice queries to search for information safely and efficiently without needing to take their eyes off the road. Taking it a step further, our ProServices team offers kitting and mounting services to ensure proper in-vehicle installation, preventing potential injury to the officer.

Not All Police Computers Are Created Equal

Law enforcement agencies are constantly getting feeds of information coming in from their computer aided dispatch (CAD). To help keep up, 2-in-1 detachable laptops give officers in the field the dual functionality of a tablet and a laptop capable of supporting legacy CAD applications.

The TOUGHBOOK 33’s 12” screen allows officers to have more information visible on the screen at one time and it offers readability in both light and dark settings, both of which help officers make decisions quickly. The device also gives officers the ability dock it in-vehicle for reporting purposes and offers an easily detachable screen for when an officer may need to step out of the vehicle.

Successful mobile technology deployments for law enforcement involve the right combination of police computers, software and service support for maximum situational awareness and productivity.

To learn more, watch our on-demand webinar: Streamlining Police Work – Both On and Off the Scene – With Mobile Solutions.