Designing a Roadmap to Productivity, Cost-Savings and Customer Satisfaction with Mobile Technology

Based in Auburn, WA, Oak Harbor Freight Lines runs 800 tractors and 2,400 trailers across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California and Nevada. Serving such a vast territory and having a corporate-wide focus on serving the customer, Oak Harbor was looking for a technology solution capable of boosting driver efficiency and supporting future digital transformation plans.  The Panasonic TOUGHBOOK T1 handheld was ultimately chosen for its standout features and functionalities, as well as its compact, slim design.

Realizing the Benefits of Rugged, Enterprise-Grade Mobile Devices

Oak Harbor employees previously used fixed-mount computer/display terminals inside the truck cabs that limited the tasks drivers could perform on the road, outside the cab and on-location at pick-ups and deliveries. When the company began looking for solutions that would streamline operations and data capture, they knew they needed a more mobile system.

While Oak Harbor initially considered deploying consumer-grade devices, they realized the benefits of enterprise-grade technology after evaluating a Panasonic TOUGHBOOK handheld solution and learning more about its unmatched support services for device maintenance. Oak Harbor knew the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK line of devices would survive the rigor of daily usage and the demanding work environment. After close consultation with Panasonic, the company selected the TOUGHBOOK T1 for its functional sleek yet fully rugged design, and range of capabilities.

Gaining Visibility and Efficiency for the Road Ahead

Ultimately, the TOUGHBOOK T1 has helped Oak Harbor improve efficiency and add greater visibility into the status and condition of shipments. To date, the company has deployed 800 TOUGHBOOK T1 devices and has established a strong partnership with Panasonic to support future projects aimed at innovating and streamlining workflows.

For more information on Oak Harbor’s experience deploying Panasonic TOUGHBOOK T1 handheld devices, download the case study.