[Infographic] How Voice Picking Technology Transforms Warehouse Operations

Warehouse Technology That Keeps Up With Changing Demands 

E-commerce, changing customer preferences, and disruptive events like COVID are all having a dynamic impact on today’s warehouses and DCs, where 55% of total operating expenses are consumed by order picking. Underperformance in this operational area can quickly translate into poor customer service and high operational expenses for the facility itself and for the entire supply chain that it supports.

Driven to be both responsive and nimble at the same time, warehouse operators need technology that helps them serve an evolving supply chain while also best leveraging their labor, equipment, and other resources. Having earned a “workhorse” reputation in the fulfillment realm, voice-directed picking has grown in popularity over the last 12 years. Used by more than 25% of companies (up from 5.7% in 2008), voice picking technology effectively transforms the critical, labor-intensive fulfillment process into an optimized, streamlined activity.

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Voice_Picking_Infographic R6 (1).jpg

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