RUGGED RANTS Redefined: Introducing The Big REthink

In 2019, we introduced RUGGED RANTS – a podcast focused on the future of tech innovation and what to expect as work changes. Since then, my co-host Susan Campbell and I have covered a variety of topics in 25 episodes from deep sea exploration to cross-pollination to 5G. Guests from Verizon, Google, AT&T and Microsoft plus experts in fintech, mobility and more have given us firsthand insight into the solutions they provide to enhance connectivity and mobile work, while others allowed us to dive deep into strategic partnerships, e-mobility and millennials in the workplace through the lens of rugged mobility.


But we’re not done. As work continues to evolve, it’s time for RUGGED RANTS to evolve too. We want to have conversations about an even broader range of topics, perspectives and story lines across a wide range of industries.


From this point forward, we’ll bring you a diversified lineup of guests, diving into everything from entertainment, to visual imaging and even food innovation. You’ll continue to hear from Panasonic guests, but also an array of diverse industry players such as analysts, healthcare professionals and digital artists – voices and perspectives that are challenging the status quo and using technology to transform the world around them.


New episodes will continue to drop every other Wednesday as usual. It’s time to rethink everything, to rewrite the rule book, to expand the stories we’re telling and bring you the brightest minds the tech world has to offer. It’s time for a fresh take on how technology and creativity are changing the way work gets done.


We have many stories to tell, and today we’re getting started with guest Ania Garlitski, MD from the New England Cardiac Arrhythmia Center at Tufts Medical Center to discuss the changing role of technology in medicine. Welcome to The Big REthink.