How to Pick the Best Android Rugged Barcode Scanner for Your Operation

Able to withstand the toughest work environments, rugged devices give companies peace of mind in today’s competitive business world. Here’s how to select the right rugged Android device for your application.

As the global business landscape continues to shift, companies need purpose-built technologies that help workers do their jobs better, safer, and more efficiently. Standard, consumer-grade handhelds, tablets, and laptops don’t cut it in environments where extreme temperatures, water intrusion, dust, and other environmental conditions can render devices useless and impede employee productivity.

The same rules apply in high-volume warehouses and distribution centers (DCs), where just one missed or incorrect shipment can lead to major customer service impacts. When a consumer-grade mobile device fails while a worker is processing hundreds of orders for same-day shipment, for example, the total cost of ownership (TCO) of that device escalates quickly as companies scramble to repair and/or replace the device in order to minimize downtime.

To avoid these challenges, companies are turning to Android-based rugged devices that incorporate an open-source operating system with components that can withstand the toughest of work environments.

Purpose-Built for Every Employee’s Need

Running on Android 10.0, Panasonic’s FZ-L1 and FZ-T1 are familiar to the consumer-grade devices that employees use in their personal lives, allowing for a shorter training and integration period. This also means that companies are at a lower risk of losing resources or wasting productivity during the transition from legacy devices.

Toughbook_Handhelds_5.11 (1).png

Meeting the Needs of High-Velocity Fulfillment

With e-commerce and omni-channel driving major changes in the retail environment, warehouses and DCs need technology that helps them work faster and more efficiently.

Whether mounted in a vehicle or held by hand, the 7-inch FZ-L1 tablet and the 5-inch FZ-T1 handheld offer the flexibility and durability that employees need when capturing and accessing information on-the-go.  

The Android Enterprise-approved TOUGHBOOK FZ-N1 puts thousands of enterprise-grade applications at the user’s fingertips—from the Google Play store, Panasonic’s partners, independent software vendors (ISVs), and resellers/ integrators. With built-in multi-carrier 4G LTE, voice capabilities, and dual SIM cards, the TOUGHBOOK FZ-N1 is ready to go where business takes you.

Built on Panasonic’s Rapid Application Development platform, Panasonic’s Voice Picking Solution combines the TOUGHBOOK N1 rugged handheld computer, a Bluetooth headset, and a customizable software template to create a cost-effective voice picking system that’s easy to use and integrate with corporate systems.    

The Right Device for the Right Application

Whether you’re running a logistics operation, a retail store, or a manufacturing firm, there’s a rugged device that meets your needs. Follow this chart to select the best one for your application(s):  

The_Right_Device_for_the_Right_Application_5.29 (1).png

Much More than Just a Device

Panasonic’s FZ-N1, FZ-T1, and FZ-L1 models all come with the Panasonic Rapid Configuration (PaRC) Utility for Enterprise Deployment. This tool enables easy setup and configuration of multiple settings profiles across Android-based devices via a central PaRC console. Users can generate a configuration file or QR code by this tool on a Windows PC to apply it to target Android devices. Up to 40 functions can be configured, including Wi-Fi settings, barcode reader setup, app installation and application white/blacklist.  

Panasonic’s Deployment Services ensure that devices arrive in the field quickly and ready to work. Choose from premier and bronze services, which range from initial services focused on getting your team ready to roll immediately to longer-term services that cover the life of the warranty. Other deployment service features include asset tagging and management; disk image management; mobile device management (MDM) services; and Android firmware management.

In a world where every new order is another chance to enhance customer satisfaction, cement loyalty, and grow your business—and where workers need reliable technology that helps them do their jobs—integrating Android rugged devices into your technology stable is just smart business.