Tough Mobile Devices Built for U.S. Military Demands

Why Rugged Mobile Devices Are Mission-Critical For The U.S. Military

Military personnel can’t afford downtime, and the computing equipment they use has to be as dependable as their weapons systems.

Today’s warfighters rely on technology to create portable command-and-control posts on the battlefield. They need a reliable tool to access real-time information and control the advanced surveillance and unmanned systems used to complete missions. In combat situations, uninterrupted communications are vital for relaying surveillance information and receiving mission orders. Modern military missions also require complex technology systems. This often entails combining high performing computers with specialized software and other components into an integrated solution.  

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK laptops, tablets and handheld devices are purpose-built with these military solutions in mind. These devices undergo rigorous MIL-SPEC testing to make sure they can withstand rough handling, extreme weather, vibrations, sand, mud, and more in the field. These tests ensure Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices provide the high-computing performance and reliability that enable warfighters to perform their jobs with greater efficiency and increased uptime, security, and connectivity.

A Military Grade Mobile Device Solution

Panasonic rugged mobile solutions are an important part of U.S. Military technology for a variety of missions. For example, TOUGHBOOK rugged tablets enable crews to perform flight management tasks more easily and efficiently. The tablets provide crews with online access to operating manuals, flight documentation, and navigation charts, replacing paper-based reference materials. Panasonic technology also provides a direct wireless link to the U.S. Military’s computer-aided dispatch center, GPS routing data, call location, patient records, and HAZMAT information for its fire and rescue squads on bases.  

When it comes to streamlining flight crew tasks, Panasonic handheld tablets and notebooks meet the challenge. And on the ground, daylight-readable touch screens, grease-resistant keyboards, device durability and long life cycle support have made Panasonic rugged laptops and tablets an important part of the complex flight line maintenance toolkits used by the U.S. Air Force and Navy. 

Often, we hear it is not only the durability and reliability of Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices but also the Standard Warranty and Service capabilities provided that make these devices an ideal solution for the U.S. military. These services include:

  • Technical Help Desk: 7x24x365
  • TOUGHBOOK Standard Warranty:  3 years
  • Units are shipped overnight to and from the service center
  • Post Warranty Support:  Parts and repairs available for devices 7 years after EOL

The TOUGHBOOK 20 detachable laptop has proven to be an especially versatile tool for the U.S. Military. A fully rugged, detachable, 2-in-1 device, the TOUGHBOOK 20 is portable, making it a high-performing tablet in a variety of environments, from tight spaces on an aircraft to remote airfields in a war zone. And it is just as easily attached back to the keyboard for use as an in-office laptop.  

Learn more about Panasonic mobility solutions for the military and by watching these videos of TOUGHBOOK in action with the U.S. Military.

 TOUGHBOOK Delivers in Challenging Conditions

Panasonic Handhelds Optimize Efficiency  

2-in-1 Form Factors Provide Optimal Flexibility

TOUGHBOOK Reduces Downtime