Building Reliable Mobile Military Technology With Panasonic Rugged Devices

The U.S. Military has always counted on Panasonic to develop and deliver innovative, cutting-edge military technology. Read on to learn how we work with our partner ecosystem to create these solutions.

Military end-users need rugged mobile devices they can depend on to work reliably, efficiently and safely — both on and off the battlefield. TOUGHBOOK rugged laptops, tablets and handheld devices from Panasonic are frequently selected by defense contractors as a critical component of the tactical solutions they provide to support the United States military.

As a leading rugged mobile device provider to the military, Panasonic works closely with the defense community to develop innovative technical solutions for some of the most challenging military use cases. For example, when Airborne Systems developed a navigation system to help military parachutists navigate and land in extreme environments, it needed a MIL-STD device that was compact and easy-to-read under rapidly changing lighting conditions.

Additionally, the device needed to be extremely durable to survive strong impacts and vibrations, operate at high altitude, extreme humidity, and temperatures ranging from -4°F to 140°F. That’s why they turned to Panasonic TOUGHBOOK for a rugged mobile device solution.

A soldier uses military technology in the field.

The Leader in Mobile Military Technology

Panasonic is recognized as the leader in developing innovative, rugged, military-grade mobile devices, ranging from TOUGHBOOK laptops and 2-in-1 notebooks to rugged tablets and handheld devices. TOUGHBOOK mobile computers are the preferred choice for mission-critical applications such as tactical communications, field fire control systems, and mission planning systems across the Department of Defense (DoD).

TOUGHBOOK rugged devices are also used to control unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and Explosive Ordinance Disposal robots.  The ability to use TOUGHBOOK devices in the rain or when wearing gloves makes TOUGHBOOK the preferred device for controlling UAVs for aerial surveillance as well as delivering emergency supplies to troops on the battlefield or by agencies during disaster response.

Additional versatility is available with TOUGHPAD G1 tablet, which can be configured with an optional thermal camera to assist in equipment maintenance inspections. Additionally, the high visibility display, provides easy viewing in poor lighting or high sun-glare conditions.

For U.S. Special Forces, the push is for smaller, lighter, faster, and more reliable military technology solutions — ranging from rugged handhelds tablets to wearable/chest-mountable communication tools that allow the user to connect to multiple applications or systems. These users need a high level of computing power packed into a small footprint device that allows them to access real-time, updated and accurate geospatial maps, data, and other intelligence.  TOUGHBOOK handheld devices deliver the mobile computing power needed by these users.

Purpose-Built Rugged Laptops

Panasonic has led the way in helping advance the military’s use of rugged mobile computers in challenging environments and continues to set the standard for purpose-built mobile device design and development.

For decades, the military has counted on Panasonic for innovative, highly reliable rugged computers. Now as the use of mobile technology increases, the Panasonic team works closely with defense contractors and DOD customers to meet specialized mobile computing needs. TOUGHBOOK laptops, tablets and handhelds are purpose-built to survive under the harshest of conditions, offer custom configurable options, specialized software, unmatched service and repair response times and are TAA compliant. 

Learn more about how Panasonic TOUGHBOOK solutions help ensure mission success for the U.S. Military.