Local Police Department Enhances Officer Mobility with Rugged Portable Computers

Police officers put themselves in harm’s way every day to protect their community, and they need the most reliable and flexible mobile technology to get the job done. Officers need rugged laptops and tablets that can be mounted but also portable, allowing them to bring their devices wherever the job requires them to be, for record keeping, access to emergency information and communication. In the police car and out in the field, the laptops must be reliable and fast, supporting all emergency personnel that rely on them for GPS navigation, documentation and more. After field testing several rugged portable computer options, one metropolitan police department chose TOUGHBOOK 31 laptops to support their 600 officers and 200 professional staff who protect the safety of 371,000 residents, and they haven’t looked back.

Reliability in the Field

Prior to switching to TOUGHBOOK, the department experienced frequent device failures and wanted to invest in technology that was flexible, portable and less problematic. In a field as dangerous and time-sensitive as law enforcement, the department needed technology it could depend on with quick, reliable support teams behind it.

Previously, the department was required to send broken devices to the vendor for servicing, often waiting up to 120 days to receive a working device in return. When this happened, officers would need to return to the station to get a car that had a working laptop in it, taking them out of the field while they were on the clock. If one of those cars was not available, officers had to rely on radio communication for the duration of their shift, clogging the airwaves and reducing the accuracy and timeliness of reporting and access to information. Putting their residents and officers first, the department was ready to invest in stronger technology.

Unmatched Service and Support

Now, not only are their rugged portable computers stronger and more durable, they are supported by Panasonic’s team of technicians and repair specialists who pride themselves on offering replacement devices quickly and completing repairs in just three days. The TOUGHBOOK 31 laptop can easily be mounted and detached from the police car for easy portability in the field and  withstand extreme conditions. What’s more, the officers use Panasonic’s Arbitrator software, and a web-based accident reporting application to manage and upload video to a secure server, helping with license plate recognition using video they can capture using the software itself.

With their TOUGHBOOK 31 laptops, the department is improving efficiency and productivity for their officers and personnel. Now, wherever their work takes them, officers are able to spend more time working with the community and less time worrying about failing technology. Learn more – read the full customer success story.