Mobile Solutions Modernize the Military and Enable Agile Operations

Last year, the National Department of Defense announced its key modernization goals, including “resilient and agile logistics.” Maintaining numerous supply lines, access to multiple logistics systems and real-time data entry are all vital to the agile logistics goal, and mobile technology such as rugged laptops and tablets play an important role in ensuring the U.S. military is focused on the front line, not hindered by downtime.

Research from International Data Corporation (IDC), a market-intelligence firm, has found a high rate of failure for consumer devices, noting the average annual failure rate for consumer notebooks is nearly 20 percent. And when 61 percent of commercial devices require repairs within five years, more than half of the U.S. military’s devices could require repairs with consumer device deployments.

In mission critical situations, device failure could mean mission failure. For this reason, downtime is not an option for the U.S. Military. From the Marine Corps to the Air Force to the Army, mobile-friendly logistics modernizes the armed forces to support quick-strike potential by giving our men and women in uniform the technology support they need to ensure asset maintenance and access to real-time data.

Across all divisions, the U.S. Military is exploring and implementing mobile solutions: Remote access to multiple logistics systems is a priority for the Marine Corps. The Air Force wants to expand support of mobile users with deployment of cloud-based applications. The Army leads our troops on the front line and also leads in mobile IT adoption, which is affording them greater situational awareness.

Clearly, the military is sold on the benefits of mobile, with branches either operating on a mobile-first approach or planning future deployments. Learn more about deploying mobile solutions and explore a check list of questions to see if your organization’s mobile IT strategy is sound – Download here.