[Whitepaper] How Utility Workers Use Mobile Devices to Maximize Efficiency and Improve Customer Satisfaction

Utilities companies encounter various operational challenges, including outages and interrupted services that affect millions of people each year. While workers have spent their careers responding to unpredictable outages, customers expect dependable responsiveness and minimized restoration time now more than ever before. To meet this demand, companies are adopting rugged mobile devices to decrease the time it takes to recognize, respond to and resolve grid problems, while offering the constant communication customers now expect.

Reliable Connectivity in the Field

In an industry where rapid response time is critical to restoring the public’s access to vital resources, more than 18 percent of companies are suffering from up to two days of production loss per employee due to consumer grade device failure. In order to maximize business efficiency and customer service benefits, leading utilities companies are deploying purpose-built devices that are transforming the way workers communicate. By equipping workers with the reliable connectivity needed to capture and transmit minute-to-minute data in the field, companies are optimizing productivity, reducing repair costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Equipping Utility Workers with the Right Device

As choosing the right rugged devices means gaining both business efficiency and customer service benefits, companies such as SeekOps, a leak detection service provider for the energy industry, are depending on Panasonic’s TOUGHBOOK devices to equip field teams with immediately actionable information. To discover how mobile solutions such as TOUGHBOOK devices can help utilities companies achieve operational excellence, check out this interactive whitepaper.