Toughbook Brings Cybersecurity Solutions to AFTIC

For more than two decades, Panasonic Toughbook has supported the U.S. Air Force with rugged mobile technology out on flight lines and in hangars, and the Air Force has come to depend on the rugged reliability of Toughbook—in more ways than you might expect. Toughbook devices are a go-to for mobile digital technology and are also so reliable, Airmen have even been spotted using a Toughbook as a chock to secure the wheels of an F-16. They’re resourceful, to say the least.

Toughbook devices are not only known to withstand harsh or extreme environmental conditions, but also are designed to support a highly secure frontline defense against cyber-attacks in our digitally transformed world.

This year, the Air Force Information Technology & Cyberpower Conference (AFITC) has its sights set on the future. The conference theme, Cyber Vision of the Future: Mission Defense and Trusted Information, promises to bring together members of the Air Force with private industry IT and cybersecurity leaders and will offer event activities that will focus on the strategies, hardware and software that will best protect our country from cyber-attacks.

Proactively seeking out new solutions to potential threats is the only way to stay ahead of cybersecurity risks, which are growing exponentially in our increasingly digital ecosystem. This is why AFITC will offer more training sessions, 3 days of speakers and will showcase more than 150 different exhibitors, including Panasonic Toughbook.

While the U.S. Air Force may be accustomed to seeing Toughbook devices on flight lines and in hangars, what they see at AFITC may be surprising (though we won’t be showcasing the wheel chock use—only best practices). Handheld devices are becoming the go-to choice for the mobile workforce, and with the recent launch of our expanded line of handheld devices, we are finding new ways to support the Air Force. At AFITC, we will showcase device support for civil engineers, security forces and even weather kits and battlefield airmen kits.

These new uses will be an opportunity to have conversations with commands that might not have considered Toughbook. Our team will be on the ground in Montgomery, AL, to showcase the reliability the Air Force has come to expect from Toughbook as well as new, unexpected opportunities to put Toughbook to work for you.

If you’re attending AFITC, visit booth #458 to learn more about Toughbook’s ecosystem of solutions.