[Case Study] Winn Solutions Increases Customer Satisfaction with Panasonic Handhelds

To celebrate the launch of Panasonic’s new family of rugged handhelds, we’re highlighting some of our favorite case studies for barcode scanners and mobile tech. Click here to learn more about the sleek and durable new Toughbook handhelds.

Creating a digital chain of custody to track accountable items can be a logistical nightmare for many industries, including financial services, transportation, retail and government. Winn Solutions has developed a software solution to track assets, mail, packages and any accountable item’s movement within an organization throughout its lifecycle, by scanning barcodes with rugged handheld devices.

In the retail industry, the Winn Item Tracking System (WITS) can track the receipt, repair and return of damaged items, for both internal visibility and to display the status to customers online. In the financial services industry, WITS is used in tandem with a rugged device to assist couriers, for example with the delivery of checks or other certified mail, which can pass across 5, 10 or even 15 hands.

Given the various applications of WITS, Winn Solutions needed a mobile device that could perform this wide range of tasks, while diminishing downtime spent troubleshooting hardware issues. Prior to partnering with Panasonic, Winn Solutions was spending too much time servicing their devices which were not living up to their “rugged” label and were failing in the field.

We needed a handheld tablet that would be durable and easy to use, as our customers are not IT pros.
– Jason Elder, vice president at Winn Solutions

By switching to Panasonic rugged handhelds, Winn Solutions was able to significantly increase reliability and productivity for its customers and grow their own business.

For additional information on how Winn Solutions was able to achieve 20 percent business growth and decrease service time with the Panasonic mobility solution, download the full case study here.