When The Job Gets Tough: Equipping Your Workers With Field-Ready Devices for Extreme Environments

What we think of as “the office” has been redefined by today’s evolving and increasingly mobile workforce, with employees no longer stuck in a cubicle. Many of these workers are operating in extreme environments, and are faced with challenging conditions, including rain, snow, high winds and dust, on a daily basis. To stay productive atop a turbine, or inside a mine, workers are using technology that aims to solve their biggest challenges. But relying on consumer-grade computing equipment in the field comes with numerous risks, including lower productivity, higher operation costs and frequent repairs. Most importantly, deploying the wrong devices can put worker safety at risk. By using tough, reliable and field-ready mobile devices, workers feel protected in any environment, while IT and business managers have confidence knowing the equipment is durable straight out of the box.

The Panasonic Toughbook is purpose-built with features and functions that keep workers connected and efficient in the field, no matter the conditions. Unlike most manufacturers, Panasonic carefully crafts or selects each component when designing a device, informed by how work needs to get done today. Toughbook products have had the industry’s lowest failure rate for the past 14 years straight. No matter the location, environment or industry, Panasonic Toughbook ensures that workers stay safe and productive in the field with rugged, adaptable technology that meets and exceeds the needs of the most challenging jobs out there.

To learn more about choosing a mobile device that is right for your team, read the full IDG whitepaper: The Extreme Office: Why Rugged, Field-Ready Devices are Critical.