A Rugged Relationship: Geophysical Survey Systems Partners with Panasonic to Create a Custom Solution for Utility Mapping

We talk a lot about our extraordinary customers and the variety of extreme work environments that they operate in. Meet Geophysical Survey Systems (GSSI), the market leading manufacturer of Ground Penetrating Radar technology. Assisting customers in a range of industries from utility work to search and rescue missions, this is an organization with an especially strong understanding of the rigor of field work. Their trusted solution relies on the pairing of their specialized software with a capable, flexible controller platform, usually in the form of a tablet. To maintain their status in the industry, GSSI needed a new technology partner to bring their product to market. Due to the uniquely challenging work environments of their customers, not just any solution was going to cut it.

When considering a technology partner, GSSI had specific criteria in mind and one characteristic stood out: a rugged design that’s built to last. GSSI has a reputation for being best-in-class in durability and reliability, and they sought a partner that wasn’t going to bring them down in either regard. That’s what led GSSI’s engineering team to Panasonic. After consideration of other rugged tablet devices in the market, GSSI was attracted to the FZ-G1 and FZ-M1 Toughpad devices for the impressive battery life and optimal visibility, but mostly for market leading durability that guarantees operation despite any environmental challenges. By choosing Panasonic, GSSI can now offer customers full-suite package solutions for concrete inspection, utility mapping and locating, road and bridge deck evaluation, geophysics and archaeology that allow them full control over these complex, finely-tuned radar systems.

A collaboration of two organizations that pride themselves on supporting customers through thick and thin, this solution will serve GSSI customers through whatever conditions come their way. To learn more about what led GSSI to partner with Panasonic, read the full case study online