Toughbook Helps Lay a Foundation of Success for the Railroad Industry

For over 20 years, Buckeye Mountain has served as technology consultants for the railroad industry, with their highly skilled employees providing services including development, deployment and management of hardware, software and wireless solutions. To keep this industry up to date and on top of modern mobile technology, Buckeye Mountain recommends Panasonic Toughbook mobile devices as a reliable, easy to use and durable technology solution. After more than ten years, Buckeye Mountain has grown to become a Panasonic certified Toughbook partner for the railroad industry.

As the freight transport industry has evolved and grown more complex, the regulations for maintenance and inspections have become equally complicated. There are thousands of job codes, which are frequently updated, and now, using a Toughbook tablet enabled solution, rail car inspection and repair specialists are able to keep up with these rapidly evolving standards.  Similarly, by moving away from pen-and-paper record keeping to modern mobile technology, the railroads can better manage work order processing and helps ensure no loss of billing records.

The railroad industry often faces extreme work conditions and Buckeye Mountain customers are often performing maintenance and inspections in remote locations with extreme temperatures. Buckeye Mountain understood that standard mobile devices were not an option given the railroad industry’s need for technology solutions that could withstand extreme work conditions.

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