City of Hialeah Fire Department Partners with Panasonic to Respond to Emergencies Effectively

 With approximately 30,000 911 calls per year, it is crucial that the City of Hialeah Fire Department (HFD) arrive at a scene armed with as much information as possible. To better respond to this array of EMS calls, HFD decided that they needed a mobile technology solution that would limit downtime and equip first responders with the insights needed to better approach an emergency response situation. Attracted by Panasonic’s position as the leader in rugged mobile devices and impressive warranty offerings, HFD purchased their first Toughbook over a decade ago, confident they’d found a device that would suit their needs both today and for the work of tomorrow.

Toughbook devices changed the way HFD worked and quickly became a critical tool, enabling efficient sharing of vital information, be it the status of a patient or the location of a fire hydrant. Operating in south Florida where summers are intensely hot, rain is heavy and Hurricanes have the potential to cause devastation, the HFD knew not just any device would survive their unique work conditions. With a reputation for durability that doesn’t quit, Toughbook devices had the qualifications that fit the job.

Rugged certification aside, the decision to implement Toughbook technology was about much more than the devices themselves, because mobile technology is only as useful as it is reliable. HFD was not shy to admit that they are rough on equipment and their Toughbook computers take a beating in the field. For HFD Lieutenant Urbando Menendez, the thing that set Panasonic apart from the competition was the comprehensive warranty and dedicated ProServices team, leaving him with the peace of mind that when a device does have an issue, Panasonic is always there to get his team back on their feet. As HFD faces evolving technology needs in the years to come, they trust that Panasonic will continue to offer services that ensure things go right, even when they go wrong.

To learn more about the City of Hialeah Fire Department’s experience as a Toughbook customer, view the full case study online.