Webinar: Mobile Computing Insights from Public Safety Industry Veterans

With mobile computing trends are advancing at a rapid pace, advice, input and lessons learned from fire, EMS and law enforcement industry veterans can offer great insight to agencies deploying rugged computers, tablets and handheld devices. Firehouse and Officer.com recently held a webinar featuring two public sector veterans, with more than 75 years of combined service, where they shared their experiences working with the first mobile computing devices introduced in the 1990s and how today’s rugged solutions, including Panasonic Toughbook®, are helping save lives.

For law enforcement and fire and rescue, having access to real-time communications and detailed information sharing on-scene is critical. From diagrams of building and city infrastructure, to real-time direction from a coordinating commander, to after action reports and reviews, mobile computing allows first responders to have a better understanding of the physical location with regards to access, building schematics, functionally, hazards and address issues they may encounter prior to arriving on-scene.

For large-scale incidents when first responders are called in and required to coordinate outside of their immediate networks of law enforcement officers or firefighters, today’s mobile computing tech has optimized coordination between all facets of the public sector. Instead of police and fire responders attempting to communicate over a single open radio signal, for example, emergency management with mobile computers allows all agencies to see the same information to optimize on-scene coordination between all first responders.

To learn more about the current trends and predictions for mobile computing, register and watch the on-demand webinar here.

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