To Provide a Cost Efficient Technology Tool For Livestock Feed Operations, Micro Technologies Turns to Toughbook

When it comes to making sure that livestock is kept fed and healthy, professionals in the beef and dairy industry turn to Micro Technologies. And when Micro Technologies needed technology partner for their new computerized feed management system, they turned to Panasonic.

The high tech “Read-N-Feed” system helps ensure that cattle are fed the right amount every time, saving money and helping raise healthier cows. To bring this system to their customers, Micro Technologies knew that they needed a mobile technology solution that could withstand rugged terrain, work in extreme outdoor conditions and stay connected in even the most rural environments.

Let’s take a look at how Micro Technologies and their customers have experienced shorter installation times and increased reliability thanks to the use of Toughbook devices in the field.


To read more about Micro Technologies and their use of Toughbook solutions, download the full case study here.