(VIDEO) An Inside Look at R&D: Panasonic Toughbook Put to the Test

How does Panasonic ensure that its mobile devices live up to the promise of rugged reliability? In addition to our R&D facilities in Japan, product engineers in our New Jersey test labs conduct extensive tests to verify that our Panasonic Toughbook® computer, tablet and handheld devices can withstand even the harshest conditions. We know that our enterprise, government and public safety customers select Toughbook to equip their mobile workers because they need a device that’s proven to be reliable. They can’t afford to lose time or money due to technology failures.

Here Kyp Walls, Panasonic Mobility Product Marketing, reveals the battery of tests we employ at our New Jersey facility to ensure that our devices meet the dynamic needs of our users.

Whether it’s being sprayed with water, dropped from heights, or exposed to extreme temperatures, these tests ensure that Panasonic Toughbook devices fulfill our promise to equip the extraordinary.



From drops and shocks to particles and pressure, learn more about the extensive tests that we employ to ensure mobile device uptime.