Noregon Delivers Improved Customer Service for the Trucking Industry with Mobile Solutions at Service Centers

For the trucking industry to be profitable, delivery vehicles must be repaired quickly and efficiently when they require maintenance. Transportation companies simply cannot make money when their trucks are in repair shops instead of out on the roads making deliveries, and well-equipped service centers are crucial to guaranteeing uninterrupted service. To help transportation and logistics and other commercial fleets get their trucks back on the road quickly, Noregon equips service centers with JPRO®, a diagnostic and repair solution which expedites the diagnostic and repair processes. 

Because a vehicle bay or repair shop can be an unforgiving environment, traditional business-class laptops running JPRO® failed to withstand the test of working alongside heavy machinery, extreme temperatures and motor engine chemicals.  Noregon found they needed to provide their solution on a rugged mobile laptop so the engine repair technicians were not spending all their time troubleshooting computers, rather than servicing and repairing the trucks.  Noregon researched various laptop options and chose to utilize Panasonic Toughbook® laptops and tablets for their diagnostic and repair service kit solutions.

Read the full case study to learn how Noregon has found success as a leader in vehicle health and safety solutions by equipping service bay technicians with the quick, accurate and highly reliable JPRO software on a Panasonic Toughbook laptop.