Why IP-based Phone Solutions are Perfect for your SMB

For small business owners managing the intricacies of their company and day-to-day operations can be, well, exhausting. One thing that can help alleviate some of these pain points is identifying the right technology, specifically business communication systems. In today’s workforce, a unified communications system can combat some very typical small business challenges while also helping to increase productivity and simplify interactions with customers—key benefits to helping build an efficient and successful business.

In fact, according to a recent article by Software Advice, some of the top IP-phone system benefits that can improve productivity for small businesses include:

  • Unified Communications– Having a single server or platform that all employees can access remotely anywhere, anytime is essential to increasing overall productivity for small businesses. Making it easier than ever to reach someone at the touch of a button regardless of their location makes unified messaging features a productivity booster and effective timesaver.
  • Cost – One of the biggest concerns for any small business is overspending. Compared to a traditional analog phone system, one of the key benefits an IP-based phone solution is lower monthly phone bills. Additionally, with cloud integration that offers centralized web-based programming, you can consolidate your communications solution and experience virtually no interruptions to service.
  • Remote or Mobile Access – Most employees do not spend their entire day in an office or behind a desk, and maintaining productivity no matter where your workers are located is critical for today’s SMBs. An IP-based solution is built with this purpose in mind, and enables employees to stay connected by having voicemails automatically forwarded to their mobile phone or the ability to host conference calls with customers while on the go.

Though running a small business certainly has its challenges, having technology that can effectively support your unique company needs can be a major weight lifted. The way that businesses communicate has changed drastically and will continue to evolve, but constantly evaluating what’s working and what’s not can help you identify which technologies will be best suited for your organization and help to ensure you’re prepared for growth.

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