Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Increases Productivity with Panasonic Toughbook

When the men and women of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office take to the road to serve and protect the people of the Bay Area, they need to be sure they’re equipped with the most up-to-date information for whatever situation they may encounter. To help meet these needs, Alameda County looked to Panasonic to provide them with rugged mobility solutions, giving officers access to department databases in the field and keeping them more connected than ever while on patrol.

On the streets of sunny California, temperatures can soar, and prior to switching to Panasonic, these officers were faced with computers prone to overheating and shutting down during the summertime. Looking for a more reliable solution, they knew they needed to put their hardware to the test.

After putting Panasonic’s rugged mobility solutions to the test – and seeing that they outperformed the competition, Alameda deployed a combination of 250 rugged Toughbook® 31 laptops and Toughpad® FZ-G1 tablets across their patrol units. By implementing rugged mobile devices, the Alameda County Sheriff’s office eliminated the need for pen and paper systems. With the introduction of Toughbook devices specifically, Alameda experienced a significant drop in failure rates, which saved valuable IT time and resources and significantly reduced downtime.

Watch Alameda County in action to see why they count on Panasonic in Toughbook Territory: