VHB Surveyors Put the New Panasonic FZ-Q2 2-in-1 Tablet to the Test

VHB Engineering provides environmental, engineering and permitting services for private and public clients across the state of Vermont. Its survey technicians spend the majority of their day outdoors in all types of environments from rain and snow to bright sunlight. These field workers are required to get their job done regardless of the weather on any given day.

As a result, VHB land surveyors typically carry three or four sets of paper plans with them on site since the documents tend to get damaged by outside elements. In the field, technicians write notes on the hard copy plans and then return to the office where they scan the data into their system.

VHB was given the opportunity to test the new FZ-Q2 2-in-1 12” Windows® tablet to see how it would stand up to the job and help automate data capture in the field it. “We view this as a great opportunity to try a new product that’s cutting edge and see if it works for us,” said Jason Baker, IT Specialist.

After putting the 2-in-1 to the test, one technician stated, “We haven’t found a way to break it.”

Watch this video to see how the FZ-Q2 semi-rugged tablet fared with VHB surveyors, and what advice they offer to other companies considering mobile solutions for field operations.