State of Field Mobility in 2017

With field service organizations undergoing a dramatic evolution they are faced with the challenge of meeting growing customer expectations and demands in a climate that is shifting faster than ever. Field Technologies Online surveyed 321 subscribers, and 49 percent responded that their primary objective with their field mobility investment is maximizing productivity, but what’s the best way to make that happen?

Field Technologies Online’s ‘2017 Field Mobility: A Look at the Year Ahead” report takes a hard look at the processes and business practices that many enterprises have in place and evaluates just how effective they really are in achieving operational goals. You’ll also find data compiled from your peers that provides insight into how they’re using today’s technologies and the challenges they face in the field. What do you think field mobility will look like in the New Year? And do you have specific mobility technology solutions you need help with?  We’d love to hear from you! 

To download the full report, 2017 Field Mobility: A Look at the Year Ahead, click here.