Mobility Considerations for Manufacturing (Checklist)

Manufacturing drives commerce on a global basis. At the same time, manufacturing methods and the employees that make manufacturing processes run smoothly and efficiently are changing as technologies add function and reduce the need for intervention. Mobile technologies like tablets and laptops are meeting those needs because employees are able to use these devices wherever they are to communicate, monitor, report, and control operations. But the conditions present in manufacturing facilities are far different from traditional office environments where consumer oriented computing devices are protected from harsh and unforgiving factory floor environments. Mobile devices used in industrial environments need to be able to not only survive but perform better than standard products.

Choosing the right mobile products for use in demanding manufacturing environments requires a deep understanding of the working conditions users deal with every day. But more importantly, buyers selecting tablets and laptops should follow a well defined set of guidelines against which they must measure their potential purchases. Panasonic’s line of Toughpad and Toughbook products are designed to deliver the kind of rugged durability needed to meet the demands of today’s factory environments. Get the checklist of technology features here.