Overcoming Field Workforce Challenges: Choosing the Right Mobile Device for the Job

When it comes to mobile device deployments, field workforces are faced with a number of challenges. From integrating new devices with legacy technology to adapting to a multi-generational workforce, selecting hardware solutions come with a lot of considerations.

In 2015, the world’s mobile workforce population was estimated to be 1.3 billion people – that’s 37.2 percent of the world’s working population. The average mobile worker now carries 3.5 devices and knowledge workers carry an average of four devices. That is a lot of technology for workers to carry, manage and operate – especially in a rugged field environment, where conditions are a constant challenge.

So how do you decide what each worker needs and what device mix will work best across your company? One approach we recommend is shadowing employees on the job, along with in-vehicle “ride-alongs” to fully understand how they are using technology in the field. You may not realize what their “mobile office” looks like in their trucks or how often they lose wireless connectivity in the field until you experience it firsthand. For more recommendations on how to select the right device for your field workforce, download our latest whitepaper Overcoming 3 Challenges to Field Workforce Mobile Deployments

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