ISC East: What’s Next in 2017?

This year, ISC East hosted intriguing sessions that showcased some of the top security trends we should look forward to in the new year. With all the advancements in digital and cybersecurity, those topics were prominently featured throughout the conference. In addition, there were some emerging technologies that captured the attention of attendees such as new ways to manage public safety and mobile apps that will enhance customer service. Here are a few security trends we predict will take over in 2017:

Managing Cybersecurity
It’s unlikely that the number of cybersecurity attacks and breaches will be decreasing anytime soon, and it is critical that businesses in today’s world invest in a plan for managing cybersecurity – especially small businesses with more limited resources compared to larger companies. In the new year, businesses should assess their current cybersecurity strategies and evaluate where they can invest to ensure a safer, more secure business network.

Smart Cities & Safety Protocol
A popular topic at this year’s show was understanding how public security and safety will play into the development of smart cities across the nation. Urbanization is an important factor in monitoring and preventing crime. With advanced and real time security platforms, it’s easier than ever to analyze data from video cameras anywhere a given city, from neighborhood streets to public transit. Because everything in a smart city is connected, there will still be challenges with cloud security. However, the possibilities for being alerted of crime and managing public safety in real time will greatly increase and will continue to be the direction businesses take in the years ahead.

Future of Video Analytics
Video analytics was another hot topic at this year’s conference. With the ability to perform automatic analysis of your video surveillance stream and extract useful information, such as the detection of an intruder in your images, it’s no wonder that video analytics will continue to be a technology to watch. Typical features include motion detection, video pattern matching and auto tracking. Another key benefit of video analytics is that it will work nonstop for 24 hours a day, which improves the accuracy of surveillance for any business. It’s clear that video analytics are useful for surveillance operations and various business activities, and will become required technology in the security industry.

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