How to Maximize Field Service Productivity with Connected Vehicle Solutions


An ergonomic and safe mobile office in vehicle is a critical necessity for many organizations with field workers. Most often a connected vehicle solution will be comprised of rugged computers, tablets or handheld devices, mounting hardware and a combination of job-specific technologies such as wireless routers, scanners, mobile printers, etc.

Many Toughbook customers, such as field service companies, utilities, trucking companies, and public safety agencies, frequently rely on the Panasonic ProServices team to assess and optimize their in-vehicle mobility solutions. Sonia Arnold, ProServices Territory Account Manager, along with a team of technical field engineers and certified installation partners, regularly conduct fleet audits and ‘ride alongs’ with field workers to evaluate and optimize their connected vehicle solutions. Here Sonia shares the most common in-vehicle driver safety and mobile worker productivity concerns she’s uncovered and how customers should tackle them.


Sonia Arnold.jpgSonia Arnold, Territory Account Manager

“Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of riding along with Toughbook customers on the road in just about every condition – from field service technicians going out to save restaurant customers by repairing critical industrial kitchen equipment, to utility workers repairing a downed wire after a storm, to heavy equipment rental companies needing to keep their clients projects moving by ordering and delivering the correct earth movers to job sites. These hardworking men and women rely on our technology to get their job done without fail and are passionate about delivering the best service to their customers. However, sometimes this passion comes along with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Field workers sometimes employ a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach in an attempt to cut costs in setting up a mobile office in their trucks, vans or cars. Unfortunately, such handiwork not only leads to decreased productivity, but more importantly, can cause serious safety concerns.

In conducting fleet audits and ride alongs over the years, our team has seen just about every form of “creative” mobile offices set up in vehicles – from uncertified and poorly installed docks, to a tangled mess of wires, even power inverter solutions used to cool drinks and charge wireless boosters at the same time!

The two most common in-vehicle scenarios we encounter in the field that result in risk of driver injury and decreased worker productivity are the 1. No-Installation Approach and…


To continue reading about these scenarios, along with the solutions we often recommend to our customers, please download the full Connected Vehicle Installations Guide