Panasonic Secures Summer Fun at Utah Amusement Park

Summer is upon us and amusement park season is in full effect.  This also means that concerns about park visitors’ safety while enjoying this summer’s top rollercoasters are high. Utah amusement destination Lagoon Park understood this concern and decided to standardize on i-PRO security cameras as their first and only choice for security, safety and accountability.

Over the past 12 years, the park has grown from 150 to 225 acres and now hosts 1.7 million visitors every year. As the park has expanded to include bigger and better attractions, its physical security needs have also changed. While the initial solution was installed to provide park surveillance, it’s now leveraged for overall park management and real-time operations assessment.

Lagoon Park in Farmington, Utah – just north of Salt Lake City – set out to update the park’s security and surveillance. Panasonic worked with Lagoon Park to identify the best video surveillance solution and areas of the park that could benefit from the cameras beyond security applications. Lagoon Park uses the cameras for management of employees and their interactions with guests, to watch the mechanics of the rollercoasters, and for overall operations to ensure safety.

Some 500 existing analog cameras were converted to network-capable surveillance either with 4K cameras, i-PRO ULTRA 360-degree panoramic cameras, or with the installation of encoders to convert analog signals to digital. With the challenge of a vast landscape and people and property to protect, the park continues to turn to the advantages of high definition video with the deployment of high-resolution cameras.

The park’s current surveillance is 100 percent Panasonic cameras and they are able to upgrade equipment regularly and even with a hybrid environment can still easily use, integrate and leverage legacy components. Where surveillance in the past has been used primarily in instances of theft or vandalism, it is now also leveraged for liability issues and safe ride operation. Keeping Lagoon Park current with entertainment for guests is a priority, as well as providing the latest safety, security, operations and management with a total Panasonic systems solution.

For more on our i-PRO security solution and the Lagoon Park installation, check out the full case study here.