Pioneers Memorial Hospital Adopts Toughbook H1 Health to Promote Quality Healthcare

Pioneers Memorial Hospital, a 107-bed acute care facility in the Imperial Valley region of California, knows the importance of leveraging technology to promote quality healthcare. After unsuccessful trials with computers in patient rooms and computers-on-wheels (COWS), the nursing staff adopted the Toughbook H1 Health Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA), which proved to be a dependable device, able to withstand the rigors of the healthcare environment.  The Toughbook H1 Health was also popular for its lightweight, ergonomic design and its ability to be used as a tablet at a patient’s bedside or with an external keyboard and monitor at the nurses’ station.

The device’s integrated features – including a barcode scanner and camera – helped nurses streamline workflow by allowing them to document a patient’s condition at the point of care. Another advantage of the Toughbook H1 was its embedded wireless capability. With WiFi access throughout the hospital, nurses were able to complete patient care documentation and other activities without the need to find a fixed workstation.

Ultimately, by deploying the Toughbook H1 Health, Pioneers Memorial Hospital has been able to strengthen its commitment to providing care in a safe and efficient manner.

View the full Pioneers Memorial Hospital Toughbook H1 Health case study at this link.