Tulsa Police Department Exploring Ultra-Mobile Alternatives

Police officers need to rapidly share information from anywhere, and turn to reliable devices that have the same operating system, features and Internet access as a desktop PC without being tied down to their desks.  Rugged laptops have traditionally met this need, but now many law enforcement agencies are moving toward even more mobile alternatives in the form of ultra-mobile PCs.

Cpl. Will Dalsing with Toughbook U1 and PDRC (Photo Credit: JAMES GIBBARD / Tulsa World)

The Tulsa Police Department recently began implementing Toughbook U1 rugged ultra-mobile computers running a full Windows operating system as a more portable and efficient option.  When paired with the Toughbook PDRC in their vehicles, Tulsa now has the ability to work effectively from any location.

Take a look at Tulsa Police Department’s story from a recent Tulsa World article discussing their jump to ultra-mobile solutions. We’re also very interested in hearing from first responders about your own deployment stories.