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Supply Chain

Q&A: How are Retailers Using Tech to Support the Connected Supply Chain?

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The future of retail is mobile, especially when it involves the hands-on delivery from the factory to the customer. In today’s retail landscape, online demand is increasing. Companies are looking to implement mobile technologies across key areas of the supply chain to improve operational efficiency and ensure the real-time, accurate delivery of products. To dig […]

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Helping Companies Master the Modern Supply Chain


Panasonic and TOUGHBOOK Mobility Solutions help companies address the critical aspects of the modern fulfillment process—from warehouse management to material handling, yard management to transportation—and all points in between. With the complexities of managing fulfillment, distribution, and global supply chains increasing year after year, the need for reliable technology solutions to tackle these challenges grows […]

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Unlocking value in the supply chain with predictive and prescriptive analytics

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More and more companies have been reporting higher productivity upon applying machine learning and internet of things in their supply chain management. The following article from Information Management explains how analytics in conjunction with artificial intelligence can equip organizations with a strong competitive advantage and stronger control over all aspect of their supply chains Artificial […]

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