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Panasonic Brings Together mPOS and Inventory Tech for Retailers

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Retailers are increasingly turning to mobile technology to help them work smarter, better, and faster in an ultra-competitive business environment. Mario Carrillo, product manager at Panasonic, explains why a growing number of retailers rely on rugged mobile technology and payment sleeves to meet these goals, while also improving the customer experience at the mobile point […]

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Tips for Increasing Warehouse Productivity

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To deliver the best possible customer experiences, companies must not only consider the technology behind the “warehouse of the future“—they need to also build processes for scalable efficiency. Read on to learn productivity tips from Improving efficiency in the warehouse is critical to meeting current consumer trends, which are being driven by e-commerce and […]

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Front-of-Store or Back, One Device to Rule Them All: Why Retailers Are Embracing Rugged Mobile Tech

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If you’re a retailer – or a consumer – you know that the retail experience has changed significantly over the past few years. Chip-and-PIN cards have become standard, retailers are bringing the personalized experiences of online shopping onto the store floor and mobile devices are changing the point-of-sale and allowing retail employees more freedom to […]

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Retail Innovation: Words to the Wise

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The last few years have hit the retail industry hard, from social and economic upsets to the huge impact of ecommerce and the proliferation of consumer technology. The playing field is no longer level, the playbook has been rewritten and the rules redefined. Nowhere is this more evident than in the field of innovation – […]

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