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Public Sector Leaders Must Exploit New Technologies


For public sector agencies, facilitating easy access to and exchange of data is crucial for responsiveness—whether that’s through electronic medical records for EMS or durable handheld technology for police officers. But beyond the technology itself, teams need to evolve their processes for true efficiency—read on to learn why.  With increasing demand for services, rising expectations and […]

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What to Expect at IACP Technology Conference 2018: Improving Officer Safety and Intelligence in the Field

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At the 2018 IACP Technology Conference, law enforcement professionals from around the world will gather to discuss the issues and challenges facing officers today. This year’s theme is “Technology, Transparency, Transformation,” prompting attendees to come together to discuss how police and public safety officials are investing in communication to better serve communities.. The three-day conference […]

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Faster Care, Lower Costs, Better Results: How Houston’s ETHAN Project is Transforming Emergency Medicine With Toughbook Power

As the first responders on the scene, firefighters, EMTs and paramedics traditionally conduct a preliminary evaluation of a patient before transporting them via an ambulance to a nearby emergency room. Doing this transport for each and every emergency call is costly and strains the limited supply of emergency medical resources. While many of these calls […]

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Tough Jobs in the Public Sector Need Tough Devices

Whether it’s law enforcement, fire and rescue, emergency medical services, public works, or social services, public sector organizations have one thing in common: helping and protecting the public. Public sector employees must be able to be productive and communicate effectively, securely and quickly, from any location, at any time, in all types of situations. And […]

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