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Preparing for Natural Disasters: How FirstNet Fits into Your Disaster Response Plan

Flood Protection Sandbags with flooded homes in the background (Montage)

With natural disasters costing the U.S. $91 billion in 2018 alone, and only predicted to continue accelerating in the coming years due to warming temperatures worldwide, emergency responders and public safety agencies are looking for ways to better prepare a disaster response plan. When the concept of FirstNet was born after first responders couldn’t communicate […]

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Houston EMS Gets to ‘Mobile Integrated Healthcare’ With Telemedicine Triage

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Telemedicine is rapidly evolving, but solutions like the Houston Fire ETHAN Project leverage Panasonic’s rugged devices to dramatically improve ambulance-based triage. Learn how innovative solutions like this are elevating the quality of mobile healthcare professionals are able to deliver. In 2007, USA Today called Houston a city in crisis when it came to healthcare. Houston […]

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Top Technology Trends in Fire Rescue: What to Expect at Fire Rescue International 2018

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Technology is finding its place in industries across the board as employees discover new ways to effectively do their jobs. For first responders, specifically in fire rescue and EMS, it’s no different. Mobile technology has become a staple in fire trucks and stations across the nation, and as technology continues to develop, departments are able […]

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Front-of-Store or Back, One Device to Rule Them All: Why Retailers Are Embracing Rugged Mobile Tech

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If you’re a retailer – or a consumer – you know that the retail experience has changed significantly over the past few years. Chip-and-PIN cards have become standard, retailers are bringing the personalized experiences of online shopping onto the store floor and mobile devices are changing the point-of-sale and allowing retail employees more freedom to […]

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