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When the Work is Mission Critical: Equipping Special Operation Forces with Rugged Computers Built for the Battlefield

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Whether the mission is identifying and preventing attacks before they occur, observing and reporting on enemy activity, or preventing insurgency in a foreign state, special operations forces need the most reliable, advanced technology available. These missions are simply too critical for unreliable tools, and success relies on access to real-time intelligence, which leads to effective […]

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Mobile Solutions Modernize the Military and Enable Agile Operations

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Last year, the National Department of Defense announced its key modernization goals, including “resilient and agile logistics.” Maintaining numerous supply lines, access to multiple logistics systems and real-time data entry are all vital to the agile logistics goal, and mobile technology such as rugged laptops and tablets play an important role in ensuring the U.S. […]

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Expanding Rugged Mobile Computing Options for the U.S. Air Force

The U.S. Air Force cannot afford downtime. With flight line maintenance responsible for keeping aircraft up and running and ready for flight at a moment’s notice, our U.S. Air Force and other Department of Defense customers look to TOUGHBOOK to help keep them ready to deploy during mission critical moments. That’s why we connect with […]

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Mobilizing Military Tech, One Department at a Time


The U.S. Army is setting up wireless classrooms, the Marines are shopping around for an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution, and rugged tablets are helping military maintainers (i.e., maintenance airmen and women) to make repairs in the toughest conditions. Mobile technology is essential in today’s mission and future missions, and mobile devices used by defense agencies have to be […]

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To Plan Missions Around the Globe, the US Air Force Turns to Toughbook

For the United States Air Force, planning missions is a critical, intricate and challenging task, requiring airmen to take into account terrain, weather, and aircraft performance and capabilities – while also monitoring potential threats in unfamiliar territory. To tackle this important job, an Air Force division faced numerous challenges: adapting to increased digital communications needs, […]

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