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Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain

Learn about the latest mobility technologies and trends being implemented by leading transportation, logistics and supply chain companies.

How to Solve Trucking’s Biggest Challenges with Last-Mile Delivery Solutions

FZ-B2_truck_fb li.png

Logistics companies are currently in the full swing of holiday deliveries, which means many are operating in overdrive. However, as consumer shopping preferences change, many businesses are feeling more pressure throughout the year, creating a greater need to understand and improve last mile delivery options. E-commerce makes up about 30% of the U.S. parcel and […]

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Optimizing EAM Insights: Create a Trusting Relationship With Asset Management Data

Foreman talking worker in factory

More and more companies from diverse industries are introducing enterprise purpose-built devices for workers in their plants, warehouses, supply chains, stores and other areas. discusses how enterprise asset management data, accumulated by these devices and through other means, can be used to streamline processes and create efficiencies.   Industrial plant maintenance requires a wide […]

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