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3 Pillars for Building Customer Relationships that Last


Customer relationships are the foundation for success at Panasonic. Our customers inspire the technology that’s solving some of the toughest challenges across the most complex industries. But we don’t get there through superficial sales calls or by communicating only when there’s a problem. We get there through carefully fostering customer intimacy. As Vice President of […]

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Top Technology Trends in Fire Rescue: What to Expect at Fire Rescue International 2019

this hero CC2017031_02430_vf.jpg

Technology is finding its place in organizations across the board as employees discover new ways to effectively do their jobs. For first responders, specifically in fire, rescue operations and EMS, it’s no different. Mobile technology has become a staple in fire and rescue trucks and stations across the nation, and as technology continues to develop, […]

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FirstNet App Catalog Vets Mobile Tools for First Responders

Firefighter at the wheel of an emergency vehicle drives to the scene of action and extinguishes fire

The connection of first responders to one another is increasingly more important for public and national safety. As agencies prepped their devices for FirstNet technology, their response time and ability to communicate during times of disaster increased dramatically. In this article by Government Technology, learn how the FirstNet App Catalog is allowing for greater access […]

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