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Mobile Computing

Bluetooth finds a role in the industrial internet of things

industrial Engineer or Manufacturer wearing white hard safety helmet hat from safety project look workplace high Quality Plastic Mold or Industry Manufacturing Factory, Various Metalworking Processes.

In this day and age, connectivity is crucial for almost all devices including mobile phones, personal computers and other handheld devices. As a result, these devices come with options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and more. NetworkWorld explains how the application of Bluetooth technology is improving efficiency in daily operations in manufacturing.   Like most people, I […]

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How to Solve Trucking’s Biggest Challenges with Last-Mile Delivery Solutions

FZ-B2_truck_fb li.png

Logistics companies are currently in the full swing of holiday deliveries, which means many are operating in overdrive. However, as consumer shopping preferences change, many businesses are feeling more pressure throughout the year, creating a greater need to understand and improve last mile delivery options. E-commerce makes up about 30% of the U.S. parcel and […]

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Redefining Mobile Work – A Series: How Field Service Workers are using the TOUGHBOOK 55

FZ-55_Escalator_5 repair.jpg

Think about what your job looked like 15 years ago, before advanced technology tools became commonplace and the wide-spread use of mobile devices began appearing on jobsites. Now, think about what your job may look like 15 years in the future. With technology and job practices rapidly evolving, combined with the no-two-days-the-same nature of field […]

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