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Mobile Computing

3 Pillars for Building Customer Relationships that Last


Customer relationships are the foundation for success at Panasonic. Our customers inspire the technology that’s solving some of the toughest challenges across the most complex industries. But we don’t get there through superficial sales calls or by communicating only when there’s a problem. We get there through carefully fostering customer intimacy. As Vice President of […]

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Leveraging Innovative Technology as a Brand Differentiator in Medical Device Field Service

laboratory assistant at the microscope_blog.jpg

While technology is at the forefront of advancing the healthcare industry’s devices, the people behind these devices are equally if not more essential to these advances. As the machinery goes through malfunctions or breakdowns, having a customer services representative at the ready is incredibly important to keeping health care professionals caring for patients seamlessly. In […]

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How to Choose the Best Mobile Rugged Computer for Your Needs


All industries are beginning to recognize how they can benefit from mobile workforce automation and digital transformation. From streamlining workflows to improving your bottom line, the advantages of integrating mobile technology are endless. But for many industries, the norm is working in harsh, demanding environments where consumer-grade devices won’t suffice. These workers require mobile rugged […]

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