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The Quickest Route to Intelligent Manufacturing

The Quickest Route to Intelligent Manufacturing, Part I

It is strongly believed that Industry 4.0 is the key to higher efficiency as it will strengthen monitoring and ensure better management of resources, among other things. Forbes lists the ways through which an industrial organization can become an intelligent manufacturer. First focus on solving problems faster When industrial organizations begin to adopt Industry 4.0 […]

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What’s The Difference Between Smart Agility And Careless Knee-Jerk Response?

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In recent times, rapid technological changes in manufacturing and retail are driving manufacturers to speed up processes in order to keep pace with market demands. The following article from Manufacturing Business Technology underlines why a strategy is always helpful.     Speed of response has always been critical in manufacturing. From assembly lines in Henry […]

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The simple way low tech industries can digitally transform

Abstract digital abstract virtual city. Scanning city for hackers attack concept. Software developer, programming, binary computer code with technology and connection concept.

Companies in historically low tech industries like agriculture, finance, healthcare, and others are lagging behind in digital transformation. In this piece by CIO, find out the number of ways in which digital transformation can effectively happen in these sectors. Technology is “everywhere.” Or is it? When my 5-year-old son broke his arm, the hospital experience was […]

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5 Ways a Mobile Service App Increases Manufacturer Efficiency

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Manufacturers are using mobile solutions to enhance warehouse management, among other activities, in a bid to increase efficiency. In this piece by Food Manufacturing, read about some of the ways manufacturers are using mobile service apps to achieve efficiency.   According to Business Insider’s report on the future of mobile, the app economy is booming. […]

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