AV Concepts and Panasonic Team Up to Create a 360-Degree Panoramic Experience

AV Concepts enlisted Panasonic to help create an immersive experience for a gathering of global thought leaders at a recent conference. The conference wanted to transform the venue into an immersive, panoramic environment.  However, AV Concepts and its partner agency, Rezin8, were faced with several obstacles, including the small size of the room, which hindered the amount of space available for the stage and equipment.

Rezin8 created a 360- degree design, which projected on a surface that completely surrounded the audience. The idea required a mix of both front and rear projection, but since the location was a small room with 15-foot ceilings, every square-inch of the space had to count.

The engineering team at AV Concepts had developed alternative solutions for traditional rear projection in the past, but those options were time consuming and took up valuable space at the venue. So, the team researched possible solutions on the market and found that Panasonic was about to introduce an ultra-short-throw lens for high brightness projectors. AV Concept’s in-house R&D team had the chance test the new lens before it was available, ensuring it would be a viable solution once it hit the market.

The team completed several tests that compared the new Panasonic ET-D75LE90 0:36:1 lens with the ET-D75LE90 0:7:1 lens, among others, in a rear projection set-up. In the end, the team came to the conclusion that the new Panasonic solution provided the most optimal results, and even outperformed its published technical specifications.

AV concepts chose to go with the Panasonic ET-D75LE90 0:36:1 lens, which increased the team’s efficiency and speed of set-up. The final solution came complete with IMAG and custom content from a variety of video sources, seven stacks of rear projection to illuminate the 86-ft curved center screen, and  14 stacks of front projection to create the full, 360-degree effect.