Panasonic Tackles Security at Super Bowl 50

The latest True 4K solutions provide superior imaging during national event

Super Bowl 50 is going to have some tough defense on and off the field with the latest Panasonic True 4K cameras specified for comprehensive video security during the event.

According to a February 4, 2016 report from CNET, technological innovation will be part of the highly anticipated championship game of the National Football League, which will draw about 1 million fans to Levi’s® Stadium in the San Francisco Bay Area for the February 7 game between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos. Levi’s Stadium, just outside of San Jose, has been designated as one of the greenest and most technologically advanced professional football stadium in the U.S.

Photo cred: James Martin/CNET

Photo cred: James Martin/CNET

Joining those technologies are some 600 surveillance cameras that will be on watch during the Super Bowl, including Panasonic’s new True 4K camera series. These cameras deliver true 4K resolution, true 4K optics and true 4K wide coverage for unmatched image quality in their class. Panasonic True 4K cameras are perfect for outdoor surveillance applications – especially stadiums – as they yield superior imaging quality yet can cover a larger area with fewer cameras installed. For example, one True 4K camera can effectively replace three 720p HD cameras.

The Department of Homeland Security has classified Super Bowl 50 as a Level 1 Special Event, or a potential target for terrorist activity. A variety of different safeguards will be deployed in addition to video surveillance, including gathering social media postings for potential threats, robots, overhead helicopters and a software application that aggregates threat information gathered by law enforcement into a single source.

Much of the technology is running out of a Joint Operations Center 24/7 from an undisclosed location in Mountain View, Calif., roughly six miles away from the game day action. Nearly two dozen federal, state and local public safety agencies are working with private security experts at the center, gathering and sharing intelligence in real time.

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