i-PRO Cameras & FacePro™ Team Up for Proactive Campus Security

The New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) in Newark, N.J., is using the latest Panasonic systems solutions to prevent theft and mitigate other security challenges on campus at its world-renowned Robert W. Van Houten Library. The NJIT specification includes four 6 Series Full HD 1080p i-PRO cameras and the new WV-ASF900 FacePro™ Facial Search and Recognition System.

The NJIT Department of Public Safety took action when a rash of thefts hit the popular student study location and Robert Gjini, Director of Security Systems at NJIT, worked in tandem with Panasonic to investigate using video surveillance, deciding ultimately on i-PRO cameras and the FacePro Facial Search and Recognition System.  NJIT is currently piloting and beta testing the FacePro system, but so far the results have been just what the campus was looking for.

More than theft

Before deploying the system in early 2015, there were more than a dozen thefts at the library – including laptops, tablets, smartphones and other personal belongings. Since the installation, the campus library and public safety department have reported zero incidents. And the system is doing more than prevent campus thieves from stealing personal belongings. The system, with its live camera face matching and ability to perform searches and display matches from a database of historical captured faces, can quickly track and notify NJIT Public Safety of a person of interest who is moving through the facility, including those who have been banned from the location or might be known offenders. Early on after the initial installation, NJIT realized it was getting much more than traditional security from the surveillance solution.

Gjini lauded the system for helping his department apprehend a visitor to the facility who was knowingly covering his face and who was found as a match in the system’s directory. He was on the not-allowed list and also had some open warrants. When the arrest was made, the individual had a weapon in his possession, but no one was hurt. In a less threatening situation, the system assisted when a student fell asleep and when he departed set off the alarm, but the camera ultimately confirmed his story.

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