How to Identify and Overcome Obstacles to Maximize Enterprise Mobility Investments

Today, not everyone spends their workweek sitting in a cubicle. Mobile solutions have enabled us to expand the definition of what many now call their workplace. However, without a clear understanding of the capabilities needed for each individual mobile worker’s environment, businesses will be unable to take advantage of all the benefits mobile computing has to offer and ultimately limit the success of the deployment.

Whether deploying, securing or managing mobility solutions in a professional environment, enterprise CTOs must go to great lengths to ensure their investments are effective and easily assimilated into their existing workflows.

In order to avoid encountering inevitable deployment challenges with mobile devices, it is crucial for businesses with field workforces to leverage services and partners that can help them instill strategic best practices across the entire spectrum of mobilization, including how to select the right device, security and data protection, installation, training, adoption, and proper disposal of old assets.

We have recently partnered with Enterprise Mobility Exchange to address these issues and provide a few actionable best practices in a new whitepaper, “Identifying and Overcoming the Obstacles to Achieve Enterprise Mobility Excellence.” We’ll be providing a high level overview of each of the report’s main sections right here on this blog. However, you can download the free report in its entirety now by following this link.

Part 1: How to Identify and Overcome Obstacles to Maximize Enterprise Mobility Investments

Part 2: How to Select the Right Mobility Devices for Your Enterprise

Part 3: Tackling Training and Adoption for Your Mobile Solution

Part 4: Mastering IT Security and Mobile Device Management