Mastering IT Security and Mobile Device Management

Once you’ve selected mobile devices  for your business and worked through your training and adoption strategies, another challenge remains: mastering security.

In order to remain successful, enterprises need to accomplish their business mobility goals without risking gaps in security. That means organizations need to consider things such as physical device security and loss of assets while in the field, data loss and defense against cyber-attacks, privacy of confidential information and security for remote enterprise network access.

One of the best ways to do this is to accompany your mobile solution investment with a suite of security services. These mobile device management (MDM) services will help adequately lock-down devices and protect vulnerable data and can often help your enterprise remove sensitive data from lost or misplaced devices remotely or at the end of a product lifecycle. They can also monitor devices and application use across the organization and provide your IT staff acute visibility and control into the use of corporate data, from devices both in the office and devices in remote locations.

Services such as these protect not only corporate data but the hardware itself. Learning how to best use these tools can help protect your investment and optimize data with minimal risk. You can read more about best practices for managing IT security as a part of the whitepaper, “Identifying and Overcoming the Obstacles to Achieve Enterprise Mobility Excellence,” which offers best practices to maximize enterprise mobility investments.

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