Recent Survey Finds 60% of Police Officers Would Switch to a Tablet Today

Law enforcement agencies require reliable computing technology wherever their job takes them. Purpose-built, rugged devices serve as the ideal tool for officers offering the portability to respond to an incident in the field or in-vehicle by providing the benefits of a mobile command center in any environment. Unlike consumer grade tablets, devices with a purpose-built design help officers to capture data, file reports, access databases and document evidence in a productive and secure way and can stand up to the rigors of day-to-day police work. Whether the rugged device is a laptop, tablet or hybrid, there is a solution available for every agency’s unique needs.

Rugged laptops have long been the primary  tool for law enforcement agencies across the country, but now, a recent survey by PoliceOne found officers are eager to transition to tablets as their go-to mobile data tool. In fact, 72% of respondents said they think tablets will eventually replace laptops in law enforcement.

A tablet’s lightweight design has become appealing to those who work outdoors or require technology that must be carried with them throughout their work day. In the survey, officers said increased portability, flexibility and seamless access to law enforcement applications were among the top advantages for using tablets.

To see the full results of the PoliceOne survey, check out the infographic, here.

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