ASIS 2015: And The Next Big Things Are…?

image via @PANSecurity

With all eyes on the 61st annual ASIS Seminar this week, security industry insiders are likely asking themselves “what is the next big thing?” In fairness, those who work in the industry would almost certainly have guessed that video analytics are poised to take off due to the fact that available technology has now caught up with industry ambition.

On the hardware side, 4K and affordable ultra-high definition has moved from the realm of luxury consumer tech into the more pragmatic world of security and video surveillance. Add to that a movement in analytics intelligence to the end points and we’ll start to see much more widespread enterprise adoption in a variety of markets –

Panasonic is unveiling new technologies at ASIS this year that will drive the video analytics market forward. Without giving too much away, software enhancements will have a direct impact on the management of our Panasonic’s i-PRO ULTRA 360 camera with advanced analytics, announced last year. The ULTRA 360 camera effectively  delivers four times the resolution of a 720p HD camera and includes Optional Intelligent Video Motion Detection (i-VMD) business analytics capabilities such as heat mapping, bi-directional people counting and moving object removal—generating meaningful  insights into retail floor behaviors , identifying opportunities to  improve customer service and provide insights that can influence in-store marketing strategies—in addition to the traditional uses of security cameras for loss prevention efforts.

Innovations that can dramatically improve bandwidth usage will also take center stage. More efficient data delivery means reduced storage requirements and lower total cost of ownership all of which improve the operation and efficiency of security and surveillance systems – particularly those that are taking advantage of the latest 4K and ultra-high resolution imaging technology.

Finally, recent news relating to the potential vulnerability of data captured by video surveillance solutions will make data security a hot topic at the show.  Ever increasing incidents of malware and other damaging software programs as well as hacking, data breaches and tampering on a variety of communications networks can be potentially catastrophic for a business.  These growing threats make the security of video streams a top priority and we anticipate this being an important topic of discussion at the show.

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